Pool Rentals

Thank you for your interest in hosting an activity or event in the Koenitzer Aquatic Center at Carthage College. These procedures have been established to ensure the safety of our patrons, protect you from liability, eliminate scheduling conflicts, secure the facility and ensure that you have an enjoyable and well-run event.  

All facility requests must be submitted at least ten days prior to the event’s scheduled date. Requests can be submitted online at www.carthageswims.com. This allows the aquatic director to check for potential date conflicts and schedule appropriate staffing for your event. Requests made with fewer than ten days will not be approved. Events with more than 100 participants require 90 days advanced notice. 

All aquatic center events must be staffed by an appropriate number of Carthage-trained lifeguards and – if necessary – supervisors. Appropriate staffing levels will be determined by the aquatic director. State law requires a minimum of two (2) lifeguards be on duty for the entire pool to be open. One guard is sufficient for events using eight lanes or fewer with 30 or fewer participants. Organizations maintaining a year-round presence at the aquatic center may provide their own lifeguards provided those guards a) have certifications on file with the aquatic director and b) have undergone an EAP orientation with the aquatic director. 

Groups with ten or more participants must also provide supervision and, if necessary, discipline for their group. These individuals will not serve in a lifeguarding capacity, but instead provide supplementary support to the Carthage staff on deck and/or in the locker rooms.

Groups are free to use the kickboards and pull bouys located in the on-deck storage benches. Use of other equipment (lifejackets, noodles, water polo goals and balls, etc) is at the discretion of the aquatic director. Tables and desks should not be removed from the classroom as they cause rust stains on the pool deck. Unless supervised by a United States Swimming-certified coach, participants may not use the starting blocks. Groups using or damaging equipment, furniture or the facility in any way will be charged all costs associated with its repair and/or replacement.

No groups will be permitted onto the pool deck without a lifeguard present. All groups must enter the aquatic center through the men’s and women’s swimming locker rooms. Individuals entering the pool area or opening the locker room doors without a lifeguard present will be asked to leave the facility. All patrons make shower before entering the pool. 

Each summer thousands of dollars of cash, clothing and athletic equipment are stolen from the locker rooms. After changing, pool users are encouraged to bring their belongings onto the pool deck or lock their belongings in one of the lockers provided. Please take care to secure your belongings as Carthage cannot be held responsible for items lost or damaged.

Rental fees and other charges are assessed either by the Aquatic Center or Summer Conference Office.

Renters are required to provide a $3 million ($3,000,000) insurance policy naming Carthage College as the insured. Carthage College organizations are covered under the existing insurance. This policy should minimally include coverage for bodily injury and property loss. This insurance documentation should be provided to the aquatic director within ten days of the event date.